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Nodus Factory Aquaculture

At Nodus Factory, we have developed a wide range of products for the oyster farming industry, build from our expertise in textile solutions dedicated to the sailing and the industrial sectors. 

A large range of Nodus Factory products have been patented. Relying on these patents, we have developed the Nodusfactory-Aquaculture range of products. 

The textile and connector solutions we are developing are positively contributing to the revolution the oyster-farming profession is experiencing, providing them with simple, user-friendly and economical solutions. 

The oyster farming bags and farming methods are the most remarkable innovations in recent years. The Nodusfactory ™ R&D team worked on several products developments according to customers’ requests.

Combined with oyster casier bags with or without floats, the flexible textile links we developed allow them to swing according to the tides and so reduce their manual turning.   

Compared with the ordinary bag, the larger volume of the casier bags increases the seawater flow and provides more nutrients, stimulating the oyster growth. Combined with the swing of the casier bags it gives oysters better shape. 

The farming method developed and sold by Nodusfactory ™ - Aquaculture® can be adapted to the existing trestles/tables (without any modification). This innovation is therefore in line with the regulatory framework defined in the regional structures standards.