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Kit Tube-Ostrea®

Kit Tube-Ostrea® is ready to be assemble and very easy to install on your existing tables and preformed bags (no tools needed).

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1- Accessories for oyster farming table « T-Ostrea protect »

  •  2 Ostrea-Protect T13 to clip

2- Accessories for « Tube-Ostrea »

  • 1 Tube-Ostrea and two rings A5
  • 1 float No-Deep 

The Tube-Ostrea allows a simple and quick installation and implementation in your pockets already formed and closed at the bottom by thermowelding or stainless steel or plastic ties. A simple hook allows the A5 rings to be pulled out of the pocket through the mesh.

The rigidity and the fortification of the system are provided by the rigid Tube-Ostrea® leaning on several shackles which increases the mechanical resistance.

Ostrea & tricks

An individual Anti-Float device to prevent the bag from rising is optionally provided with either hook and elastic connector or textile tie at the table rows length.

Anti-Float system on request

  • Even in winter or during a gale, the oyster's rest is assured

Data sheet

+ Use 

  • Complete kit ready to be assembled
  • Quick and easy to install without tools
  • Can be placed on an existing table

Product Details

Article description 


Kit Tube-Ostrea®

Float 1 x No-Deep 

81,3 x 8,9 cm

Fixing Float 2 x self-locking links 

178 x 4,8 mm

T-Ostrea Protect Table 2 x T13 Protect

13 cm

Tube-Ostrea 1 + 2 x A5 Bag 

75 cm


  • Complete kit ready to be assembled
  • Fast and easy to install without tools
  • Usable on existing tables