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Device Ergo-Nod® - 360° auto reverse

The Ergo-Nod® basket fits perfectly with the Roll-Block® attachment system. It is specially designed for the Nodus Factory automatic oyster turning tables.

This material can be subsidized by FEAMPA 2021-2027

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farming system


Conceived and developed in collaboration with oyster farmers, the ErgoNod® basket is the ideal basket for oyster farmers. It can be adapted to both table and textile dies.

Its design allows for a unique multi-purpose basket with variable hexagonal mesh of 6/8 mm or 14/16 mm for reduced storage on land.

The only hexagonal mesh basket on the market for maximum tensile and torsional strength

Manufactured and molded in high quality HD PE injection, it is highly resistant to abrasion and is fully recyclable.


The Ergo-Nod® basket is the most recent product in the Nodus Factory-Ostrea oyster bag range. It can be used in a suspended oscillating or 360° turning system thanks to the Roll Block attachment.

Data sheet

  • Easy to assemble by one person
  • No tools required
  • Unique hexagonal mesh basket with variable size by adding 6/9 mm inserts 
  • Clip-on float system
  • Attachment to table or die with the 360° Roll-Block® and T-Ostrea textile tie


  • Material: HD or green polyethylene
  • Suitable for intertidal and subtidal suspension but also for offshore floating.
  • Capacity : 70 to 90 oysters

Product Details

Panier Ergo-Nod®


Basket capacity 21L

17 x 25,5 x 72 cm

Fixation Roll Block auto reverse system

5 x 5 cm

Connector T-Ostrea  textile attachment

18 cm

Float on request

70 x 8 cm


  • 360° rotation of the baskets
  • Roll-Block® attachment made of PE (Ostrea-Plast®)
  • T-Ostrea T18 fastener - double lark's head attachment
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • High impact and UV resistance
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable