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Nodus Locker-Ostrea® « complete equipped bag »

Oyster farming Nodus Locker-Ostrea®

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The oyster type known as « cage suspended » is becoming an increasingly popular practice around the world.

The system Nodus Locker-Ostrea® with its accessorys can be used on all typer of bags for farming in floating bags.

Fixed on the tables or leashs with our T-Ostrea® attachment system, the bag moves like a vibrating table in water by the movement of water and tides.

The use of a locker bag or a classic bag with our connector Ostrea-Padeye® does not require a bag with reinforcement.

  • This farming technique is ideal for the growth phase in a calm or agitated zone, and made it also for women possible to restart working in this sector

Anti-Float restraint system

Even in winter or during a gale, the oyster's rest is assured

Ostrea farming system Nodus Locker-Ostrea®

The bags of the growth offer are sturdy and made with meshes pattern square or diamond shapes, available with mesh sizes from 6 to 18 mm. The bags are semi-rigid and shaped according to the specifications and dimensions of the producer.


Textile fastener : T-Ostrea (simple)T-Drop (dropable)

Clipping system : Ostrea Protect

Data sheet

  • The rigidity and fortification of the system are provided by the rigid T-Ostrea® which functions as a reinforcement by leaning on several shackles which increases the mechanical resistance 
  • The 4 T-Ostrea T8 textile connector is attached to the inside of the bag which allows rapid installation and increases the rigidity of the bag.

Product Details

Nodus Locker-Ostrea® 


Bag Mounted

Closable Bag 5 x self-locking links 

178 x 4,8 mm

2 x elastic & crochet

T-Ostrea Protect Table 4 x T13 Protect 

13 cm

T-Ostrea Bag 4 x T8 Bag

8 cm

Anti-Float On demand

On demand


  • Significant growth gain
  • Decrease in the labor cost
  • Time saving because the bags do not have to be turned at each tide
  • Fixation directly on existing tables